Adler-Aquinas Institute Mission Statement

The Adler-Aquinas Institute was founded to provide a sound philosophical metaphysics (rooted in first principles grounded in sense wonder about the being of sensible things and faculties and habits of the intellectual soul) and a sound theology (rooted in revelation and the Magisterium consistently interpreting that revelation and the necessary conclusions therefrom), to open the minds of students to an appreciation of the spiritual as well as the scientific and humanistic inheritance of Western civilization.

The Adler-Aquinas Institute will collaborate with colleges and universities on a global scale to introduce students at the undergraduate and graduate levels to the treasures of Christian culture, in the context of the great ideas contained in the great books of Western civilization, primarily discussed in the Socratic manner, especially in the critically-important intellectual fields of philosophy and theology, including spiritual theology. As chiefly an online, distance education endeavor, the Adler-Aquinas Institute hopes to guide students worldwide to discover the kind of education, in its fullest sense, that can help them become the kind of cultural leaders who can reverse the contemporary civilizational decline of the West.